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waiting for tonight:.

Tonight we celebrated my drag motherSweetie's 40th birthday at a resturant called the Blue Mill in Greenich Village. It was amazing. It was a small, intimate gathering, consisting of the family Sweetie/Daniel has here in New York. In attendence was, Legendary Mother Flawless Sabrina, filmaker Kat (who is making Sweetie's documentary), Rose Royalle, David Gatten, Ashley D., and I. It was wonderful. And to add a little spark to the event, beside me sat MR. BIG from Sex and the City. All I could do was *wink* at him and smile, and he winked at me back.

It's good for me to get out of my very grassroots "living situations" every once and a while. Here we were, at the nice, expensive resturant, sharing our love for one most EXTRAORDINARY person. Being in this very exclusive Greenich Village neighbourhood gives me something to look forward to - something to aspire to. Not that there is anything wrong with being from the "block". But honestly, who really wants to be on the block, or the trailer, or the rooming house all of their lives?

Daniel (Sweetie) did say something this evening that impacted me deeply. He said that he was taking a walk in the back yard the other day and just started to think about the life he had made for himself. He talked about how every little experience is important, all the success, all of the failures, all of the stumbling, all of the stability, and all of the love. Thats being RICH. To say that you can draw from different experiences, because you've been through them. It's not enough to live a "safe" life. That gets you no where but to your grave, safely. (It's an actual quote somewhere). You've got to take chances. You've got to be willing to put yourself out there in order to grow. Soooo many people block their own blessings by being the only thing in their life thats stopping them...so many people I know.

I can't help but get happy when I think about Sweetie. Even though I'm going through something right now and don't know quite what to think... atleast I've got a mother, atleast I've got a home, and atleast I've got people who really believe in me.

And yes, I do still trust.

Eventually Content,

Nicky Lazaro
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