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N i c k y L a z a r o is LOVE

small world:.

Last night I headed over to Diner 24 in Chelsea to see Sweetie's show. It was my first time seeing the show besides last Monday, where I performed and let everyone have it. The show went really well. It's called "Dining with a Diva" and features a singular Sweetie doing her favourite numbers for a house full of diners, drinkers, and passersby. The space is verrry upscale, but the vibe is friendly.

The real gagger is that I ended up sitting with a table with Sweetie's friend Miss Ginger and his friends. Immediately I noticed that one of the guys looked very familiar... but distantly familiar. We were making small talk, and I mentioned that I had just moved back here from a three year stint in North Carolina, when the familiar looking gentleman starts screaming. He asks where I'm from and I said "Raleigh", to which he replied "Wilmington". We screamed.

Throghout the evening we ended up realizing that we knew the same exact people... had partied at the same clubs. He knows Melva and Dave extremely well..

The funniest thing is that the first time I ever went out in NC, Melva pointed this kid out as a friend..

It was weird, but an invitingly good weird. We spent the night talking about the drag scene in North Carolina. I confessed about how when I first got to NC I wasn't seeing what the queens were doing at all, and eventually I let it take over. Now thats my calling card. All the way here in NYC, I bring it like a girl from the south.

AND NO ONE BRINGS IT LIKE A QUEEN FROM THE SOUTH. (or atleast one inspired by it)

The craziest thing is that this kid is in a relationship with the creator of the documentary Dixie Queen, which features all of the queens I befriended down South. I had just been telling Sweetie how she had to see this documentary... and the next night, in a very hip resturant down on 16th Street, it all comes together.

It's a small world.
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