N i c k y L a z a r o is LOVE (nickolas_lazaro) wrote,
N i c k y L a z a r o is LOVE

Nicky Lala @ WOW Wednesdays @ SUITE

So, I perform tonight at WOW Wednesdays at Suite .... which is at 109 Amsterdam near Columbia University @ 11:00. I'm going through my usual ritual of not knowing what I'm wearing, what hair I'm featuring, or what song I'm doing. So, below, you will find an impromtu list of songs that I think that I am prepared to do. Please vote with your song choice... All entries need to be atleast by 7:00pm tonight. Thanks. Please do not suggest anything unless you are positive that I have a playing copy of that song.

If anyone in NYC would like to come out to support me, please let me know by calling 212 258 3693 and asking for me. This is a ballot based competition, so the more people I have, the more likely it is that I win. I'm tired of loosing by 4 or 5 votes because I didn't bring anyone to vote for me! :) Come on, it's Black History Month... help a sista out..lol


(song choices) * denotes ones that I'm feeling doing

1. "10 Dollar" - M.I.A. **
2. "It's Not Right, But it's Ok" - Whitney Houston (Thunderpuss mix)
3. "You Ougtta Know" - Alanis Morrisette
4. "Bathwater" - No Doubt *
5. "Bug a Boo" - Destinys Child
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