N i c k y L a z a r o is LOVE (nickolas_lazaro) wrote,
N i c k y L a z a r o is LOVE

harlem un-renissance:.

If you didn't know, living in Midtown Manhattan didn't quite work out, so for the last month or so I've been living back in Harlem, on the same street I did before I left. I actually like Harlem a lot, especially the neighbourhood that I live in, because it's so fucking mixed up. One block will be completely Dominican, the other African American or Chinese. As diverese as 145th and Broadway is, and considering Harlem's rich history with artistic forces like Langston Hughes, Zora Neal Hurston as well as institutions like The Cotton Club, people tend to be enlightened, post-renissance. Or so you would think...

The bad thing, Harlem can still be ghetto as hell. Don't get me wrong. You know I'm not anti-hood. You know that I'm fond of block parties, Corona's, and "Soldiers"... especially the ones who "eyes be so low from tha cheifin'. But the occasional "get out of my fuckin' hood faggot! Hey faggot come here! Get out of my hood!" can be a little stupid. Even predictable.

I know what I look like when I leave out of the house. I know that maybe if I took off the belt that I'm wearing, or put on a hat to cover my long hair, or wore baggier jeans that maybe I'd blend in, be "real" looking, and not have to put up with it. But I don't.

Because I choose to be a revolutionary. I may be a sissy in Harlem. But I'm an established sissy in Harlem.

And for those of you who don't know, yes, Nicky is definately hood. 100% Thoro.

And, to the boys telling me to get outta "their" hood...

nigga, this is my hood... cause Langston [Hughes] was a queen


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