N i c k y L a z a r o is LOVE (nickolas_lazaro) wrote,
N i c k y L a z a r o is LOVE


Sometimes, because I'm away from the internet for such long periods at a time, I think I'm missing this whole other world. A world that's booming with creativity, controversy, and inspiration. Then, I check my email, visit my usual sites, check out some new things and realize that there's nothing really that exciting. Infact, besides my discovery of Youtube.com, there isn't anything online that is really making me gag anymore.

But I can tell you tons of shit about hot things going on in the "real" world. Like them finally showing "Dixie Queen" in Wilmington. Or this amazingly hot new club Vlada here in NYC. Or the fact that Crystal is coming here in June and I'm coming to North Carolina in August.

I'm not saying the internet isn't hot. Anyone who knows me knows that I was QUEEN of the personal websites, with my wildly successful Disenchanted/House of DIS website that ended early 2003 when it was sabotaged by a White Supremicist and an Icelandic-Australian terrorist.

But in this day in age, when the physical world is STARVING for some life, the internet should be used like any good accessory - in moderation. It should highlight you and make you look hot, not weigh you down and over power.

I'm starting a campaign. I honestly think if we all took all of the creativity we apply online and apply it to our own personal lives and the physical (not virtual) world, we wouldn't be up shit's creek like we are.

That's what I'm trying to do now. After proving that I could do it all online and be everything I wanted to be, I'm trying to do that on the street. I'm trading a keyboard and Photoshop for concrete and fake eyelashes.

It's a challenge. Is anybody with me?

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